Tax Tips and Business Advice

Contractors - changes to the 'IR35' tax rules

Contractors currently working through a limited company may find that their tax bills rise substantially

Buy a Business in the Lake District

Buying and selling a business in the Lake District

Contractors and the VAT reverse charge

From October 2020, many subcontractors and contractors in the ‘construction industry’ will need to account for VAT differently, by using the ‘reverse charge system’.

Immediate tax liability on residential property sales

If you own a holiday let, second home or a buy to let property and are thinking of selling you’ll need to be aware of new tax rules coming into force from April 2020.

Corporation Tax losses & tax relief

Best use of Corporation Tax losses  Significant changes to the relief of Corporation Tax losses were introduced in 2017. The following is a summary of where we are now: Losses...

VAT - Business splitting

VAT registration can be bad for your wealth!

Capital Gains Tax & Incorporation

Pick the tax relief which suits your specific circumstances and future plans

Sole trade, partnership, or company?

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or have been at it for a while, there are three main types of ‘trading vehicle’ to consider if you want to make...

Some tax planning points to consider as the 2018/19 tax year comes to an end

Get organised, save tax.

'How' you own assets & property can affect tax payable

If you organise your affairs you could pay less tax

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