Category: Self employed trades, professions and contractors tax

Capital Gains Tax & Incorporation

Pick the tax relief which suits your specific circumstances and future plans

Sole trade, partnership, or company?

Whether you’re just starting out in business, or have been at it for a while, there are three main types of ‘trading vehicle’ to consider if you want to make...

Some tax planning points to consider as the 2018/19 tax year comes to an end

Get organised, save tax.

VAT on construction works

Minimise your VAT charges & make more profit

Incorporate & save tax

A limited company can have many benefits, including reduced tax bills.

Relief for the trading losses of unincorporated businesses

A £10,000 trading loss could be worth £4500 tax relief in one year and £0 in the next, or vice versa.
So choosing where and when you offset is worth proper consideration.

Building contractors - 5% or 20% VAT?

Its one or the other and you are responsible for applying the correct rate.
Get it wrong and either HMRC or your customer will quite rightly expect you to pay.

MTD - is your software up to the job?

MTD - are you and your software ready?

Income splitting and shifting to reduce tax liabilities

Perhaps the easiest way to make significant tax savings?

Use of home - a tax deduction for the self employed

Fixed rate tax allowances are simple to use, but may cost you additional tax

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