Cloud Accounting

The main advantages of cloud accounting

1. Save time and money

Most cloud accounting software providers will charge you on a monthly basis, so there is an ongoing cost; however that should be more than offset by the savings that come with this new technology.

For example, 

- 'bank feeds’ upload all your bank statement transactions into your accounting software, 


- you can use a scanner or a phone picture to transfer purchase invoices into your accounting software 

So you (or your accountant) don't need to spend time (and money) manually inputting all this data

You should also save money on hardware and backup costs

2. Collaborative working

Your accounts will be stored in the ‘cloud’  so we can access them from anywhere that has an internet connection, by laptop, PC, phone, tablet, and/or by multiple users in different locations.

That means we can give you timely advice  all year round, as and when you require.

Call us to discuss how your business could benefit from cloud accounting.

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